Team Members

Sudeep completed his undergraduate and Master’s studies in India before pursuing his Ph.D. at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. Following this, he conducted research as a Post-doctoral scholar at the University of California-Davis, CA, and Oregon State University, Hermiston, OR. His research has encompassed virus diseases affecting onions, wine grapes, potatoes, and various vegetables. Joining UGA-Tifton in March 2018, he now concentrates on virus diseases affecting cotton, peanuts, tobacco, and vegetables.

Manish Kumar (Post-Doctoral Scholar)

Manish earned his Ph.D. in Life Sciences from the Molecular Virology Laboratory, School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, in 2022. His research interests lie in the evolutionary dynamics of plant viruses and understanding host-vector-pathogen interactions. Presently, he is dedicated to studying whitefly-transmitted viruses in vegetable crops.

Surendra Reddy Edula- Graduate Student (Ph.D.)

Surendra earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from the School of Biological and Earth Sciences, Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati, India. Currently, his research focuses on studying the epidemiology of aphid-transmitted viruses that affect cotton in Georgia. Prior to joining UGA, he conducted research on begomoviruses infecting cotton and vegetables in India at the R&D laboratory of Mahyco Private Limited, Maharashtra.

Dalvir Kaur Dhadly – Graduate Student (Ph.D)

Dalvir completed her master’s degree in Plant Pathology at Punjab Agricultural University, India. In the spring of 2023, she embarked on her Ph.D. studies, focusing on the investigation of whitefly-transmitted viruses in vegetable crops.

Bhavya Shukla – Graduate Student (Ph.D)

Bhavya earned her master’s degree in Life Science from JNU Delhi, India. In the spring of 2023, she began her Ph.D. studies, focusing on investigating thrips-transmitted viruses within Georgia’s agroecosystem and devising strategies for their management.

Former members

Post-doctoral Scholars:

Afsha Tabassum: Sep 2018-Jan 2021

RRD Naga Charan: Sep 2019-Mar 2020

Ragunathan Devendran: May 2021-Feb 2023

Research Professional

Hayley Milner: Sep 2020- Dec 2022

Graduate Students:

Ismaila Adeyemi Adeleke: MS student (Graduated Spring 2023)

Anushi Suwaneththiya Deraniyagala: MS Student (Graduated Summer 2021)

Patrick Tirana: MPPPM student (Graduated Fall 2020)

Nabin Sedhain: Former graduate student (Spring 2019- Summer 2021)

Undergraduate Student Interns:

Calvin Chee, Summer 2019. (Undergraduate student at UGA, Athens)

Kaelyn Morgen, 2019-2022. (Undergraduate student at UGA, Athens)

Calynn S. Rutledge, 2021. (Undergraduate student at ABAC, Tifton)

Kelly Renee Rauch, 2021. (Undergraduate student at ABAC, Tifton)

Ravin Hargrett, 2021. (Undergraduate student at Georgia State University, Atlanta)

Samuel Thompson, 2021-2022 (Undergraduate student at ABAC, Tifton)