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PATH3020E: Viruses Biology and Impact.

Credit: 3 hours

Instruction mode: Online, Every Summer

Course Description:

Viral epidemics in humans, animals, and plants have had major effects on world history resulting in demographic upheavals and the destruction of local populations.  Students will develop a better understanding of virus biology and how viral diseases have impacted and continue to impact society.

Course Objective:

The course is designed for students with science and non-science majors to develop an appreciation and a better understanding of viruses and how viral diseases have impacted human civilization by causing diseases on, animals, and agricultural plants. It will provide students with a basic knowledge of virology, an understanding of the threats imposed by viruses, and the social and economic implications of these virus diseases. Students will also gain insight into how some newly emerging virus diseases on animals and plants could affect the global population and trade. Students will be able to read and understand news stories about viruses and virus diseases of animals and plants and be able to hold an intelligent conversation about the subject in professional and non-professional environments. The student, as a future leader in society, will be able to make informed decisions and choices for their health and the allocation of health resources in society.