This Access Agriculture video, funded by the McKnight Foundation, is now available in eight languages spoken across much of Africa.

A well-made video about aflatoxin — where it comes from, how it increases and how to discourage it — has been translated into eight African languages and made available for download in several formats depending on the technology needs of the viewer.

The McKnight Foundation funded the video, which was filmed in South America and combines interviews with local farmers, indigenous music and landscape scenes, as a narrator gives practical advice about drying and storing groundnuts.

In different versions of the video, that narration now is available in Bambara, Bemba, Chichewa, Gourmantche, Hausa, Mooré, Peulh Fulfuldé and Zarma, as well as two South American languages, English, and French.

The videos are free to download, also in 3gp format for viewing on a mobile phone. Viewers also can share the videos on social media. Links for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and email are  provided at the left side of the video screen on then AccessAgriculture website.