As part of our 2021 disease survey efforts, we will begin accepting samples from within Georgia for free citrus greening and citrus canker testing on September 1st. Sample testing will be carried out by the UGA Plant Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory in Tifton, GA.

Here’s the original announcement regarding this testing program:

My citrus pathology extension program was awarded a grant from the 2019 USDA/AMS Specialty Crop Block Grant Program to conduct a “Statewide survey of citrus greening caused by Candidatus liberibacter asiaticus” in 2020 and 2021. This means that each year UGA Cooperative Extension Personnel can now accept a limited number of citrus samples for citrus greening testing free of charge (this usually costs $40 per sample). If you are a commercial citrus grower or if you have residential/backyard trees that may be suspect for this disease, please contact your local UGA Cooperative Extension office for further details regarding where, when, and how samples should be submitted to qualify for free testing. Samples must be submitted through a UGA Cooperative Extension Office. Both residential and commercial citrus samples (up to 25 samples per county per calendar year) will be accepted.

This survey has since been expanded to include testing for citrus canker as well.

Additional guidelines and submission instructions for 2021 can be found here.

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