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Sprayer Calibration

I hope everyone learned a little something at our calibration workshop held in Alma on February 27. I think it became clear as the day went on that we really need to spend more time going through examples and doing some hands-on calibration for everyone to get a good feel…
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Proline (fungicide) Registration for Blueberries

Proline (prothioconazole), a Bayer product, has been registered for blueberries. This is another demethylation inhibitor (DMI), FRAC Group 3 fungicide – similar to Indar, Orbit, and Quash, though it is listed in a triazolinthione chemical group, as opposed to a triazole group. In Georgia, we do not have blueberry research…
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Whiteflies in Blueberries

After the 2013 blueberry harvest, we received blueberry foliage samples collected from blueberries in Bacon County, Georgia. The undersides of the leaves were infested with large numbers of whitefly pupae that were identified as Tetraleurodes ursorum Cockerell (Aleyrodidae: Hemiptera). This species is sometimes called “bearberry whitefly” because it was first…
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