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Fruit quality traits at harvest and postharvest shelf-life of the three Misses compared to Rebel and Suziblue southern highbush blueberry cultivars

Authors: Yi-Wen Wang, D. Scott NeSmith, Rachel Itle, Renée Holland, and Savithri Nambeesan. In this study we evaluated postharvest fruit quality attributes of five southern highbush cultivars, Miss Lilly, Miss Alice Mae, Miss Jackie, Rebel and Suziblue. This article summarizes the fruit quality attributes of these 5 cultivars shortly after harvest and…
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Postharvest Keeping Quality of Southern Highbush, Rabbiteye, and Northern Highbush Blueberry Cultivars in Cold Storage

Part 1: Fruit Firmness Authors: Rion T. Mooneyham, Savithri U. Nambeesan, and Rachel A. Itle  This article is the first of a series from my master’s research.  Overall, this work is the examination and comparison of fruit quality traits in southern highbush (SHB), rabbiteye (RE), and northern highbush (NHB) cultivars in…
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