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About Phil Brannen

Phil Brannen is a Professor in the Plant Pathology Department at the University of Georgia. He attended the University of Georgia for his undergraduate degree in Plant Protection and Pest Management, where he also received an M.S. in Plant Pathology, followed by a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Auburn University. He has extensive experience with disease management programs in numerous cropping systems. He serves as the extension fruit pathologist for Georgia – conducting research and technology transfer for multiple fruit commodities. His blueberry efforts are directed towards developing IPM practices to solve disease issues and technology transfer of disease-management methods to commercial blueberry producers. He also teaches the graduate level Field Pathology Course, team-teaches the IPM Course, coordinates the Viticulture and Enology in the Mediterranean Region Course (Cortona, Italy), and guest lectures in numerous other courses throughout the year.

Mummy Berry Warning

I have reports from the southern region of the state which would indicate that leaves are starting to emerge on rabbiteye blueberries.  This is truly an early leaf emergence for rabbiteyes, likely due to the exceptionally warm weather we are now experiencing.  Blooms may not be far behind.  As such,…
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Early Blueberry Rust

We have received numerous field reports of early (late March) blueberry rust in 2016, likely as a result of a milder than average winter and the recent heavy rainfall observed in many blueberry production areas.  It is a good time to start scouting for rust if you have not already…
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Mummy Berry Germination Model Results

Dr. Harald Scherm ran the mummy berry model today, and it indicates that we are currently in a DANGER period for mummy berry disease initiation.  Harald stated that the temperature-driven model indicated that apothecium (spore-forming structure that develops from overwintered mummies on the ground and in debris) emergence should be well underway…
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Pristine + Captan Products Tank Mix Label

Due to testing conducted at the blueberry research farm (Alma, GA) by Renee Holland (multi-county blueberry agent) in collaboration with Phil Brannen, BASF has now approved application of Pristine + Captan in a tank mix. Testing of the tank mix combination was conducted on multiple rabbiteye and southern highbush cultivars,…
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Mummy Berry Fungicide Application Triggers

Based on reports from the field, bloom may be ahead of green tip on some rabbiteye varieties this year.  Producers are keenly aware that green tip is utilized to initiate the first application of fungicides for mummy berry, but they sometimes forget that flowers will be susceptible if flower bud…
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Mummy Berry Model Prediction

Dr. Harald Scherm has determined the mummy berry potential (germination and development of the apothecia); all southern Georgia blueberries that are showing either green tip or early bloom developmental stages are at high risk for mummy berry infection at this time and going forward. This is especially true as temperatures…
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Response to February Cold Damage and Potential Botryosphaeria Development on South Georgia Blueberries

The following is largely a synopsis of information previously provided by Gerard Krewer (UGA Professor Emeritus and consultant), Bill Cline (NC State), Dave Lockwood (Univ. of TN), Danny Stanaland (retired county agent and consultant) and myself relative a suggested response to cold damage on blueberries and the potential threat of…
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