Due to testing conducted at the blueberry research farm (Alma, GA) by Renee Holland (multi-county blueberry agent) in collaboration with Phil Brannen, BASF has now approved application of Pristine + Captan in a tank mix. Testing of the tank mix combination was conducted on multiple rabbiteye and southern highbush cultivars, and no phytotoxicity was observed after multiple applications of these products (Pristine or Captan) in solo or mixed applications applied during bloom and early cover sprays. This is the only tank mix combination that has been approved, so Pristine can not be legally mixed with any other product when applied to blueberries. However, the combination of Pristine + Captan now allows for application of Pristine for mummy berry, while adding extra protection against the Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot pathogen, Exobasidium maculosum​, through Captan. This will be important, in that this tank mix provides a resistance management partner for the DMI materials (e.g. Indar, Proline, Quash, Tilt, etc.) when controlling mummy berry, while also controlling Exobasidium. Where Exobasidium has shown up, resistance to the active ingredients found in Pristine is often observed in this pathogen. Thanks to Sandy Newell and BASF for their help and cooperation in this effort.


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