Now Hiring!

We are always seeking talented and highly motivated scientists to join our team, from students (PhD, MS, undergraduate and high school students) to postdocs to staff scientists.

Please contact us if you are interested in a position in the Yao laboratory.


We are seeking a research laboratory technician, who will provide technical support for the laboratory that includes assistance in routine molecular bench work (DNA/RNA/Protein extraction, PCR, RT-PCR, Western blot, In situ hybridization),  animal care and other general lab support following established policies and procedures.
Candidates with B.S. or B.A. in Biology, Genetics, biochemistry or related discipline are preferred; good attention to detail, excellent verbal and written communication skills are prerequisite; experience with molecular biology, cell culture, bioinformatics or lab animals is a plus. Please contact Yao with your CV, career goal and contact information for three references.

Postdoctoral Fellow  

There are currently no funded postdoctoral openings in the lab. I will be happy to work with highly motivated candidates to obtain related fellowship or fundings to support the training. The candidates interested in our programs are welcome to contact Yao with your CV, representative publications, research goal and contact information for three references.

Graduate Students (PhD and MS)

The prospective students interested in joining the Yao lab are encouraged to contact Yao directly before applying to specific graduate program at UGA (Animal & Dairy Science graduate program; Integrated Life Sciences). Please include a statement of research interest, your CV, transcript and contact information for three references . Students interested in rotating in the Yao laboratory should contact Yao to arrange a meeting to discuss the lab and our current research interests. (Two openings at the moment)

Undergraduate/High School Students

I strongly encourage students interested in scientific research or related fields to join a lab and get involved in research projects as early as possible. It will not only improve your lab skills and scientific thinking but also help shaping your career path. Priority will be given to students who are able to commit at least 3 semesters, with a minimum of 12 hours per week (1st/2nd year undergraduate students are preferred).

Highly motivated students should apply through the RBC Fellows Program. Students at UGA can do research for course credit and/or an Honors thesis. Please check out the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) for detail information about course credits (Research Courses or Thesis Course) and research assistantship.

Visiting Scholars and Students

We are open to visiting scholars and students with relevant research interests. Please contact Yao for more details if you are interested in visiting our lab.