The Farmer-to-Farmer program is looking for a volunteer for three weeks to train peanut processors in Senegal about proper post-harvest and processing techniques. Through Farmer-to-Farmer, U.S. volunteers provide technical assistance on practical interventions that increase food production and income, improve farm and agribusiness operations, help farmers gain access to markets, build local capacity, and conserve natural resources.

Over the 21-day trip, the volunteer will travel to Kaffrine and Touba in Senegal where he or she will train peanut processors in good practices and improved techniques and technologies, as well as develop a syllabus and training module focusing on this topic.

The volunteer will help build the capacity of two hosts, ANAMO (Touba House of Tools) and Birkelane Associations Agreement (EGABI), in peanut processing. For ANAMO, the training will focus on peanut processing and developing a syllabus and training module to replicate the training. For EGABI, the training will focus on effectively developing peanut processing skills, such as producing oil and butter using peanuts produced in Senegalese farms, while observing good hygiene and quality standards, packaging and quality (no aflatoxin or other not safe contaminant), with an emphasis on supporting youth and women farmers/processors. EGABI women members are involved in peanut processing, including handling of harvest and post-harvest operations. Lack of knowledge and skills in good processing practices is a major constraint.

The volunteer should have:

  • University degree in agriculture or relevant field;
  • Knowledge of and experience in peanut processing, including making oil and butter;
  • 10 years’ experience in processing;
  • Experience training adults; and,
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.

French language skills preferred but a translator will be provided if needed.

For more information or to apply, contact Jennifer Robinson, senior recruiter for Winrock International at 501.280.3018 or