Agrilinks is hosting a webinar on digital technologies and their potential in the ag sector on Dec. 11 beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Digital technologies have demonstrated the potential to redefine economic growth models, empower poor people with new communications tools, and facilitate more productive interactions and financial transactions across agricultural market systems and value chains. In many places, tech is enabling agricultural and financial service provision at a scale never before seen. An estimated 85 percent of farmers’ households will have a mobile phone by 2025, only further enabling growth in the agtech space.

Digital technologies may exacerbate inequalities and deepen the negative effects of online, digital engagement or, with deliberate thought, those same technologies may foster an open, secure and reliable system that benefits smallholder farmers. Much is still left to better understand about the evidence and longer-term impact of digital technologies on the agricultural sector and rural households.

The 90-minute webinar will review industry trends, explore examples of innovative technologies that are scaling to better serve rural household and consider how we might better understand the evidence and impact of digital tech.

Presenters include:

  • Karl Wurster, Digital and NRM Advisor, USAID Bureau for Food Security
  • Jehiel Oliver, CEO, Hello Tractor
  • Sarah Mackay, Senior Manager, Wefarm
  • Brian King, Platform Coordinator, CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture
  • Ben Addom, Team Leader, ICTs for Agriculture, CTA

Sign up through the event registration page.


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