Please note: Recently, new Citrus Regulations and Quarantine Rules were adopted by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. These regulations became effective on January 1st, 2020 and apply to anyone propagating and planting citrus nursery stock in Georgia. The current version of these rules is available at this link.

According to the text of the adopted regulations:

“The purpose of these Rules is to minimize the spread of serious graft-transmissible diseases as well as certain other pathogens and nematodes of citrus by: (1) requiring anyone propagating citrus to participate in a mandatory citrus nursery stock program; and (2) outlining established protocols for movement of citrus into the state of Georgia.

The requirements for program participation are established in these Rules. It is intended that there shall be no propagation of citrus nursery stock except as provided in these Rules, and it shall be unlawful to plant citrus nursery stock in Georgia unless that citrus nursery stock has been propagated in compliance with the requirements of these Rules.”