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Mummy Berry Risk Remains Low (as of 1/15/19)

In the southern region of Georgia, recent bouts of warmer than normal weather and earlier than normal emergence of leaves has led to the question of whether there is currently a risk of mummy berry infections developing. According to the mummy berry model developed by Dr. Harald Scherm (UGA), as of…
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Mummy Berry Model Prediction

Dr. Harald Scherm has determined the mummy berry potential (germination and development of the apothecia); all southern Georgia blueberries that are showing either green tip or early bloom developmental stages are at high risk for mummy berry infection at this time and going forward. This is especially true as temperatures…
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Proline (fungicide) Registration for Blueberries

Proline (prothioconazole), a Bayer product, has been registered for blueberries. This is another demethylation inhibitor (DMI), FRAC Group 3 fungicide – similar to Indar, Orbit, and Quash, though it is listed in a triazolinthione chemical group, as opposed to a triazole group. In Georgia, we do not have blueberry research…
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