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April 2021: SO MUCH NEWS!!

Big news #1: Joshua’s eLife paper is accepted for publication! See the paper here: Washington et al. 2021 Big news #2: Joshua successfully defended his Masters Thesis and has graduated. Great news, but we are going to miss him! Big news #3: Emily passed her qualifying exams and is now a…
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October 2020: Paper accepted!

Congratulations to Emily on her paper being accepted! Shelby et al. 2020. Debugging: strategies and considerations for efficient RNAi-mediated control of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci. Insects 11: 723
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September 2020: Two first first-authored papers submitted!

Joshua Washington, M.S. student, has his first first-authored paper in review at eLife! The paper is entitled ‘The essential role of Dnmt1 in gametogenesis in the large milkweed bug Oncopeltus fasciatus‘. Emily Shelby, Ph.D. student, has submitted a review paper, ‘Debugging: Strategies and Considerations for Efficient RNAi-mediated Control of the…
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