Melissa demonstrates plants to the students

Introductory Plant Pathology

Course ID:           PATH 3530-3530L. 3 hours. 2 hours lecture and 2 hours lab per week.

Description:        Principles and concepts of plant pathology, including disease development, environmental interactions, microbial biology and life cycles, and disease control strategies. Broad concepts rather than diagnosis and control of specific diseases.

Prerequisite:       (PBIO 1210 and PBIO 1210L and PBIO 1220 and PBIO 1220L) or (BIOL 1103 and BIOL 1103L and BIOL 1104 and BIOL 1104L) or (BIOL 1107-1107L and BIOL 1108-1108L)

Offered:               Offered fall and spring semester every year.

Plant Nematology

Course ID:           PATH 8240-8240L. 4 hours. 3 hours lecture and 3 hours lab per week.

Description:        Morphology and biology of plant-parasitic nematodes. A review of nematology, with an emphasis on nematode morphology, nematode disease of plants, molecular plant-nematode interactions, and nematode management.

Prerequisite:       PATH 3530-3530L

Offered:              Offered spring semester every odd-numbered year.