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Raquel Rocha, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Academic Background

Ph.D. Plant Pathology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2019
M.S. Plant Biochemistry, Federal University of Ceará, 2014
B.S. Biological Sciences, Federal University of Ceará, 2011

Research Interests and Current Efforts

Raquel Rocha, a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the lab, studies the molecular basis of plant-nematode interactions and aims to elucidate the metabolic pathways and factors driving the establishment of the root-knot nematode (RKN) in plant hosts. Her research is focused on proteomics analysis of RKN stylet secretions and identification of novel nematode effectors and host targets.


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Rocha, R. O.; Elowsky, C.; Thao, N. P. T.; Wilson, R. A. 2020. Spermine-mediated tight sealing of the Magnaporthe oryzae appressorial pore-rice leaf surface interface. Nature Microbiology, 5, 1472–1480.

Rocha, R. O.; Wilson, R. A. 2019. Essential, deadly, enigmatic: polyamine metabolism and roles in fungal cells. Fungal Biology Reviews, 33(1), 47-57.

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