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Kvitko Lab Travels to San Antonio for APS 2017

The Kvikto lab traveled to San Antonio, Texas to attend the 2017 APS Annual Meeting in August. Amelia, Donald, Shaun, and Spencer all received an APS Graduate Travel Awards and Amelia received additional funding through the UGA Graduate School. Dr. Kvitko was invited to give an oral presentation in the Scroth – Faces of the Future Session. Amelia Lovelace gave an oral presentation and moderated the Bacterial Virulence and Effectors Technical Session. Donald, Shaun, Spencer, and Zach presented their posters during the poster sessions. Members of the lab attended networking events with industry professionals, collaborating labs from other universities, and USDA employees. The Society of Aspiring Plant Pathologists won the Experiential Award for our Crop Protection Career Tour. San Antonio is a very diverse community rooted in rich history and culture. The Kvitko lab made the most of their visit to this beautiful city

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