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Officers and Committees

Officers 2020-2021

President: Nancy Hinkle
President-Elect: David Shapiro-Ilan
Past President:  Ed Mondor
Secretary-Treasurer:  Stan Diffie
Historian:  Kris Braman


Publications Committee
Editor:  Wayne Gardner
Associate Editor:  David Buntin

Local Arrangements Committee
Ted Cottrell, Chair
Michelle Tremblay
Scott Horn

Program Committee
David Shapiro-Ilan, Chair
Stan Diffie
Michelle Tremblay

Insect Survey
Mark Abney, Chair

Awards and Recognition
Edward Mondor, Chair
Yanzhou Zhang
Michael Toews
Stan Diffie

Student Affairs
Evan Lampert, Chair
Tyler Follman
Kerry Oliver
Bill Irby
Pin-Chu Lai

Dan Suiter, Chair
Scott Horn
Scott Croxton

Alton Sparks, Chair
Angel Acebes-Doria

Meeting Site Selection
Ted Cottrell, Chair
Brett Blaauw
Angel Acebes-Doria

Public Relations
Michael Toews, Chair
Alan Harvey
Michelle Tremblay

GES Scholarship
Dan Suiter, Chair
Will Hudson
Michael Toews

O.I. Snapp Award (Best Regular Member Presentation)
Mason Newkirk, Chair
Wilson Faircloth
Wally Holden

T. L. Bissell Award (Best M.S./B.S. Student Presentation)
Kris Braman, Chair
Apurba Barman
Hunt Sanders

C. M. Beckham Award (Best Ph.D. Student Presentation)
Phillip Roberts, Chair
Shaohui Wu
Mickey Taylor

U. E. Brady Award (Best Student Poster)
Joe LaForest, Chair
Joshua Grant
Tom Sheehan

J. H. Oliver, Jr. Award (Best B.S. Student Presentation)
Linda Smyth, Chair
Hardie Ingram
John Richburg

Photo Salon
Lisa Ames, Chair
Dan Suiter
Sasha Kay
David Buntin

Shimat Joeseph, Chair
David Buntin

Industry Panel
Keith Rucker, Chair
Hunt Sanders
Phillip Roberts
Xinzhi Ni

Membership, Necrology, and Computer Resources Committee
Michael Toews, Chair
Stan Diffie
David Riley

Operating Guidelines Committee
Dan Suiter, Chair
Dan Hagan
Edward Mondor

Sporting Events
Will Hudson (Fishing)
Jason Schmidt (5k Run)