The new newsletter is out for Peanut Base, the Peanut Genomics Initiative’s collection of online resources for the peanut research community.

Peanut Base is touting:

  • The PeanutBase 2017 survey. Feedback will help Peanut Base improve the site.
  • New markers and the Arachis SNP chip: 15,746 SNPs from the new Arachis SNP chip (Pandey, et al., 2017) which were verified to be polymorphic in hypogaea are now available at PeanutBase as a track on both genome browsers, as individual records, and for download via the GBrowse track (see GBrowse FAQ for more details).
  • Transcript atlas and gene expression browser: Check out the A. hypogaea transcriptome data from Clevenger et al. 2016. This Arachis Gene Atlas contains read counts from 22 Arachis hypogaea tissues. The PeanutBase gene model pages show gene expression using the “electronic fluorescent pictograph” (eFP) browser. This shows where (and when) in the peanut plant each gene is expressed.

Peanut Base is funded through the Peanut Foundation with additional support from USDA.