The Full Belly Project, a nonprofit that builds small-scale shellers for nuts, has renewed plans to distribute 105 machines in Zambia.

The Wilmington, N.C.-based group announced recently that it plans to build and deploy 105 its Universal Nut Shellers to farmers in villages surrounding Chipata to help increase the food supply and farmers’ incomes.

The project will cost $30,000, including materials for the 105 shellers, establishing a factory in Chipata and expenses for a volunteer to manage the project for four months.

Originally, Full Belly partnered with other organizations to seek U.S. Agency for International Development funding for the project. Hoping to have the shellers in place before the April harvest, Full Belly sent the parts before receiving approval of the funding.

At the last minute, the private-sector partner in Zambia went bankrupt, leaving Full Belly with nearly $10,000 already invested in the project.

Fully Belly is pushing forward with the project, the nonprofit announced recently, and will attempt to raise the $30,000 to finish the work.

Go to the Full Belly Project webpage for more info about the nonprofit or plans for the Chipata shellers.