Dr. Braman has taught and contributed to team-taught courses in Pollinator Conservation, Turfgrass Pest Management, General Entomology and Biological Control.

2019/2020- Pollinators, Plants and You (ENTO/HORT 4770/6770E)
2010/2015- General Entomology (ENTO 4000-6000/4000-6000L, Team instruction)
2012/2016 – Biological Control (ENTO 4500/6500E)
2006/2011 – Biological Control of Pests (ENTO 4500/6500
1996/2002 – Biological Control (ENT 8820 Co-instructor)
1997/2002 – Pest Control (EHO 108) Cooperative with Griffin Technical College Fall and Spring
1991/2001 – Turfgrass Pest Management (ENT/AGY/PAT 3270)
2004/2006 – Turfgrass Pest Management (ENTO 3500, Team instruction)

Course and Instructor Information:
Instructors: Dr. Bodie Pennisi (Horticulture) and Dr. Kris Braman (Entomology) (Taught every summer through session)
Email: bpennisi@uga.edu; kbraman@uga.edu
Virtual Office Hours: by appointment via Zoom.
HORT(ENTO)4770/6770E is 100% online, asynchronous course. In it, you will learn the impact of urban systems on pollinator health and the active role citizens can play in protecting pollinators. You will receive training on plant and pollinator insect identification to better understand pollinator-plant interactions, the importance of reducing pesticide inputs, and creating a coexisting pollinator and plant habitat in the urban matrix. As a capstone experience you will conduct a service-learning project in collaboration with a community partner. This practical project will assess a real urban landscape for pollinator diversity and abundance, floral resources, and overall habitat fitness, and provide detailed guidelines for improvement of that landscape as a pollinator space.