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New Southern Highbush: ‘Pinnacle’ (US 508)

Dr. Jim Ballington, North Carolina State University blueberry breeder, announced the advanced selection ‘Pinnacle’ (US 508) is available for trials. ‘Pinnacle is a collaboration between NCSU and USDA-ARS and is a cross of NC 1408 (‘Elizabeth’ x US 75) X ‘Bluechip’ made by A. D. Draper at Beltsville, MD. ‘Pinnacle’ has demonstrated an early ripening, large sized, light blue, and firm fruit. ‘Pinnacle’ is estimated to have 500-600 hrs chilling and has been evaluated in highbush blueberry soils of eastern NC. Dr. Ballington suggests that ‘Pinnacle’ would perform well in Southern Georgia

Southern Highbush w/500-600 hrs Chill Requirement

Southern Highbush ‘Pinnacle’ (US 508) w/500-600 hrs Chill Requirement

pine bark culture.

If ‘Pinnacle’ peaks your interests contact Dr. Ballington at Growers are required to sign a Trialing Agreement with NCSU and there is a $5.00 charge on each plant to cover propagation costs.

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