Mollie and I are proud supporters of the CAES Student Emergency Fund.

When our son Bradley left home to study at the University of Georgia, we were confident he would find a new home at CAES. He has had a great experience.

He is fortunate to have us to call on if he has a flat tire or needs money for an emergency dental procedure. We now know, not all CAES students have those resources.

The CAES Student Emergency fund provides help to students due to unexpected financial hardships. Unforeseen emergencies can disrupt their budget and derail their education. We can’t imagine CAES students struggling and want to help. 

Will you join us with a gift to the CAES Student Emergency Fund?

Your gift will help remove emergency barriers to student success. Our children and those that come after them will benefit from our generous gifts for years to come.

Mollie and Eric in 1998
Mollie and Eric with their children
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