I teach HORT 4630-6630E “Nursery Management” with the goal to help students understand different aspects of nursery production and management.

Teaching and Mentoring Philosophy

My goal for teaching and mentoring is to prepare the students to reach their full potential. I not only teach facts, but also teach students to logically work through a problem, seek out needed information, and think outside of the box to develop solutions and become self-directed learners and future mentors themselves. Regardless of their background or knowledge level, my belief is that all students have something unique and valuable to offer. I foster a learning environment where student feel they are a member of a team, encouraged to be themselves and think of new ideas, but are also challenged to do their best work and discover abilities they did not know they have. I help students develop problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills so that they are better prepared for the real-world challenges.