Welcome to the Yu Lab of Ornamental Crops Greenhouse/Nursery Production and Extension Lab at the University of Georgia.

I serve as the faculty liaison to the Georgia Green Industry Association (GGIA) and the Center for Applied Nursery Research (CANR), focusing ornamentals in nursery and greenhouse production. 

This webpage will share miscellaneous info on substrate, irrigation, plant nutrition, disease control, weed management and any other factors related to greenhouse/nursery production and management.

We hope you found something that sparks your interest on our website. We would be very happy to answer any questions about greenhouse/nursery production and our extension program. Please check back for future updates.

Dr. Ping Yu

Assistant Professor/ Ornamental Specialist

Department of Horticulture

The University of Georgia, Griffin Campus

1109 Experiment Street, Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture, Griffin, GA 30223

Email: pingyu@uga.edu

Phone: 770-233-5558

Fax: 770-412-4764