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Drench and in-furrow application of Velum Prime causes phytotoxicity on cucumber.

Research conducted by Hajihassani nematology group showed that drench and in-furrow applications of nematicide Velum Prime cause phytotoxicity to cucumber at transplanting (see photo). In contrast, Velum Prime had no phytotoxic damage to cucumber when applied though drip irrigation at transplanting. We recommend to use Velum Prime at least 3…
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ALERT: Downy Mildew of Watermelon Detected in Georgia

Downy mildew of cucurbit in watermelon has been detected from Taylor County in Georgia (Aug 23, 2016). These observations indicate that inoculum of downy mildew is currently in GA and under favorable conditions (cool and wet conditions) potential disease outbreak in watermelon and other cucurbits can occur. I would suggest our watermelon growers to look for the downy mildew symptoms in their…
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Welcome to Vegetable Blog

Dr. Bhabesh Dutta The purpose of this blog is to keep our clientele informed with current disease updates on vegetable crops. Through this blog, Dr. Dutta would also like to provide current spray guide and management recommendations on important vegetable diseases. His extension program at the University of Georgia focuses on the…
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