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Onion Downy Mildew Alert

Onion Growers,


We have confirmed Downy Mildew of onion in the area.  Thanks to the keen eyes of our growers, and fast confirmation from our county agents (Jason Edenfield and Derrick Bowen), Downy Mildew of Onion has been positively confirmed in our area.  Please protect your crop as necessary.


Just as a reminder, these are the products we are recommending for downy control:

Product                 Efficacy Rating

Omega 500          moderate

*Note about Omega: We believe Omega has better “curative” activity, and would be the better option if you have downy present in your fields. The Omega 500 label also specifically says “DO NOT use an adjuvant with Omega 500F on this crop.”


Orondis Ultra     moderate

*Note about Orondis Ultra: The label  specifically states, “For ground or aerial applications, a spreading/penetrating type of adjuvant such as a non-ionic surfactant, organosilicone, or blend must be added at labeled agricultural use rates


Bravo                    moderate to low

Zampro                moderate to low

Phosphites         low (but can help)


What does this mean for our crop?


We still have a ways to go on some onions. Onions that are more than 10 days from digging should take precedence for treatment.  If onions are within a week or two of digging, a decision to treat is a judgement call that you will have to make on a case by case basis.


The weather conditions over the next few days are calling for highs in the 80’s, with no rain forecasted until next week (unless you get some rain today). This type of weather is typically not as favorable for downy mildew spread, but please don’t let this stop you from protecting your crop.  We still have a long way to go on many onions, and it can definitely continue to spread. Pictures of the infected plants from this morning are included. 

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Cucurbit leaf crumple virus detected on snap beans at UGA, Tifton

We have  recently confirmed Cucurbit leaf crumple virus (CuLCrV) on snap bean at UGA, Tifton, GA. The symptoms  include crumpling, curling, yellowing and chlorosis of leaves. Infected plants appear stunted with distorted growth. Disease symptoms can be severe and may result in yield losses.  The virus spreads by whiteflies in a persistent manner. Current projections…
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New reports of Downy mildew in Georgia: Decatur Co. and Crisp Co.

Downy mildew on watermelon was confirmed on May 24 and May 27 from Decatur and Crisp Co.  I would suggest our cucurbit growers to look for the downy mildew symptoms in their fields. Also, please advice your growers to include “Downy fungicides” in their weekly spray. Specifically on watermelon, please use following fungicides on…
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Onion Downy Mildew Update

Here are some important points to consider while managing downy mildew of onion: Question:   “I found some downy in my onions today.  It has been sunny, clear, and low humidity all week long.  I thought downy liked humid, wet, cloudy weather.  Why am I seeing it?” Response:  Yes, you are…
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Onion Downy Mildew Confirmed in Toombs County

We have confirmed Downy Mildew of Vidalia Onion today in the growing region today.  I am urging growers to please take precautions and protect their crop from this disease! Here are your control options, based on the most recent (2018) UGA research data.  I want to provide some options and how…
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New Information on Catamaran

Catamaran® is a combination fungicide which contains chlorothalonil and potassium phosphite. This product is effective in the control of specified crop diseases and also provides protection through activation of the plants’ natural resistance mechanism. Catamaran® is intended for use as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. When used…
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