Based on my research trials over the years I am recommending couple of important pre-and post-harvest evaluation steps to reduce post-harvest losses due to this pathogen:

  • Please avoid picking melons from low-spots in your field.
  • Please pick your healthy looking fields first followed by problematic fields
  • Please pay attention to any water-soaked spots on fruit while picking and kindly discard them.
  • After picking, carefully grade melons again for any water-soaked spots (can be a tiny as a dime).
  • After grading, keep the melons for 48h to 72h under the shed. Based on our observations, we would see symptoms with 48-72h of incubation.
  • After 48h to 72 h, please re-grade your melons for Pcap symptoms before shipping. These practices will help in reducing post-harvest losses due to Pcap.
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