Just a quick update on the broad mite efficacy test. Ty Torrance completed the second check on this tests today, 6 days after the applications. Thanks for Ty’s persistence for getting this test in and completed. This was actually our second attempt at a broad mite test this season.

All of the acaricides tested provided good control of the mites, but none of them resulted in zero mites. This is to be expected in small plot tests (single rows bordered by non-treated rows). Hopefully these products will look even better when applied to entire fields. The four acaricides tested did not statistically separate; although, Torac and Magister did generally have about half as many mites remaining as compared to the other two products.

If you are not familiar with Magister, it is a product from Gowan and is registered as both an acaricide and fungicide. It is in the same IRAC and FRAC groups as Torac; therefore, if multiple applications are necessary, do not alternate these two products. Magister is also restricted to one application per season.

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