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M&T Farms Post Trip

On the fourth day of the spring break tour through Georgia, we stopped at M&T farm which is located in the heart of Toombs County. We had the opportunity to tour M&T’s Vidalia onion operation. It was very different than what I had imagined. One of the most interesting facts…
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Glass Alligator Farm: Pre-Trip

On the third day we will visit Glass Alligator Farm in Camilla, Georgia. Mark Glass, the owner, started his business venture in 1993 and actually had no idea it would turn into an alligator business. He originally wanted to start a chicken business, but soon to gators as a way…
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Welcome to the Spring Break Blog!

This is where you will post your pre-trip blog and your post-trip blog! Each post is moderated and approved before appearing on the site; they will be categorized according to day and location after you post. Please log in using your MyID at the link below to create your posts….
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