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Research Labs

InvestigatorLocationResearch Interests
Dr. Yen-Con HungGriffin, GA, USAapplying the fundamentals of engineering science to biological materials to ensure the high quality and safety of food products
Dr. John BeasleyStorrs, CT, USAcrop physiology and management
Dr. Boris Bravo-UretaGriffin, GA, USAproduction economics and international agricultural development
Dr. Mohamed AhmednaGreensboro, NC, USAproduct development, with emphasis on functional foods and the development of value-added products from underutilized agricultural by-products
Dr. Nancy KellerMadison, WI, USAfungal molecular biology, mycotoxins, and fungal genomics.
Dr. Michael BertelsenBlacksburg, VA, USAagricultural and natural resource economics, international development, collaborative international research and development project administration
Dr. Gerrit HoogenboomGriffin, GA, USAcrop modeling and simulation, agrometeorology, geographic information systems (GIS), decision support systems for agrotechnology transfer, automated weather station operation and data management, impact of climate change and climate variability on crop production, natural resource use and management
Dr. Robert MoxleyRaleigh, NC, USAadoption/diffusion processes and socioeconomic impacts; community development and rural viability
Dr. Manjeet ChinnanGriffin, GA, USAfood processing and engineering, mathematical modeling and computer simulation of food processes, frying of foods, utilization of edible films, food packaging, processing of cereal legumes, postharvest handling of peanuts
Dr. Qiang WangBeijing, Chinanutritional components, nutritional quality formation mechanism and control of cereal and oil processing, and the scientific theories, methods and technology system of cereal and oil quality formation during processing.
Dr. Nguyen Thi Lien HoaHochiminh City, VietNamfertilizer, cultivation technique
Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh NguyetHochiminh City, VietNambiotechnology
Thai Nguyen Quynh ThuHochiminh City, VietNambreeding, agronomy
Nguyen Trung PhongHochiminh City, VietNamchemistry

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