Memorial for Dr. Jose Adriano Giorgi

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

We are planning a memorial to honor the life of Dr. José Adriano Giorgi.  We reserved a white oak tree along a manicured path in the State Botanical Garden of Georgia.  The cost to reserve this memorial tree and place a plaque honoring Adriano at its base is $2500.

To contribute to Adriano’s memorial, please visit the website at the link below.  Most fields are pre-filled by the Botanical Garden.  You will need to indicate the amount of your donation and then click on the “Add Gift” button.  For the “Gift type” choose New Gift and in the next box, indicate that you are making the donation as an Individual.  On the next screen, indicate that your gift is a tribute by checking the small box.  Then for “Type” select In honor of a person before giving his name, José Adriano Giorgi, to ensure that your gift is put towards his memorial.  The website accepts all major credit cards.

Click here to donate to Adriano’s memorial


If you would prefer to donate by check, it could be mailed to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Attn: Kimberly Futrell, 2450 South Milledge Avenue, Athens, GA 30606.  Please include “Dr. José Adriano Giorgi memorial” on the memo line.

Thank you!


-The McHugh Lab at UGA