The research focus of our lab is the systematics of Coleoptera, especially the superfamilies Cucujoidea, Coccinelloidea, Nitiduloidea, and Erotyloidea, which together include about 19,000 described beetle species representing a tremendous range of anatomical and biological diversity.  Although these groups include some families with large and conspicuous species (e.g., Erotylidae, Endomychidae) and predatory species of great biocontrol significance (e.g., Coccinellidae), many of these families are composed of tiny, drably colored beetles that live cryptic lifestyles.  Historically, the humble attributes of these taxa drew less attention from researchers, leaving their taxonomy weakly developed and their natural history poorly known.

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Joseph V. McHugh

Professor, Department of Entomology, University of Georgia
Curator, Collection of Arthropods, Georgia Museum of Natural History

455 Biological Sciences Building, 120 Cedar St.
Univ. of Georgia, Athens, GA  30602-2603

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From Jacobson G.G., 1905-1915. [The beetles of Russia, West Europe and adjacent countries]. Devrien, St. Petersburg, 1024 pp.]