Welcome to the Joseph Lab!

Research projects in our lab address existing, emerging, and invasive pest management issues of turfgrass and ornamentals, along with the principles of applied insect ecology. Research projects aim to enhance our understanding of the biology of the pest and beneficial species to develop and refine monitoring and management strategies. The major thrust is developing management tactics that reduce environmental and non-target impacts. Some of the major ongoing research projects are listed in the research section. If you are interested in learning more, please click here. Also, check out the research publications from the lab here.

Our research program broadly focuses on improving the IPM of key pests of the turfgrass and ornamental industries by evaluating alternative strategies. Our research program falls into three categories:

  • Enhance our understanding of the biology and ecology of arthropods
  • Develop or improve IPM strategies.
  • Conservation of beneficial arthropods.

Our extension program promotes adopting integrated pest management principles driven by lab and field studies. Information on major arthropod pests and their management in turfgrass and ornamental systems can be found here. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter via email from the program, please sign in with your first and last name and email address here. If you are interested in joining the lab for graduate studies in turfgrass and ornamentals, contact Shimat at svjoseph@uga.edu

Below are examples of agroecosystems studied at Joseph lab.