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Laboratory and Instruments

Huang laboratory has 2500-ft2 wet chemistry space, well equipped for organic chemical analysis and identification, chemical synthesis and characterization, and microbial and plant culture. The advanced instrumentation includes a Waters ZEVO TQD UPLC-MS/MS, a Nicolet Nexus 650 FTIR, a Shimadzu Prominence UPLC, a Beckman DU 500 UV/Vis Scanning Spectrophotometer, and an Agilent 6890 GC/MS, a Beckman LS6010 liquid scintillation counter, and a New Brunswick Scientific Innova42 incubator/shaker. Additional equipment is conveniently available in shared or collaborative laboratories, including CENVIRON growth chambers, 4000-ft2 greenhouse spaces, Gel electrophoresis and PCR machines. We also have access to UGA central core facilities, including ESI-HRMS, MALDI-TOF, 900 MHz NMR, ICP-MS, and advanced nanomaterial characterization tools (TEM, SEM, DLS, etc.)





Ultra-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometer- Waters Zevo TQD








High performance liquid chromatography with UV/fluorescence/reflective index – Shimatzu






Innova 42


Incubator and shaker – Innova42










Beckman LS6000IC


Liquid scintillation counter – Beckman LS6000IC







Fourier transfer infrared spectrometer with ATR – Nexus






Beckman DU640B


UV/visible spectrometer – Beckman DU640B








Agilent 6890 GC/MS