The American Peanut Council (APC) is considering taking over the administration of the American Peanut Research and Education Society, as APRES’ long-time administrator retires. 

Leaders from APC and APRES already were discussing how they might work together to connect APRES’ research and education activities with APC members, who come from all segments of the peanut supply chain. When APRES Executive Officer Kim Cutchins announced that she intends to retire, the APC proposed taking the administrative management role for APRES.

APRES, which was founded in 1968 and has more than 500 members, will maintain its brand and identity, while expanding its reach across the peanut supply chain.

APRES President David Jordan organized an ad hoc committee (a representative from each segment of the membership) to review the administrative management proposal from APC and make a recommendation to the board. The committee spent the four months reviewing the proposal, holding several Q&A sessions with APC, and discussing the proposal. 

Recently, the ad hoc committee presented a recommendation to the APRES Board:

APRES and the American Peanut Council enter a two-year trial period in which APC will assume administrative management functions of APRES. The target date for transition is April 1, 2022. Current Executive Officer Kim Cutchins will continue as Executive Officer until the trial period agreement is signed and will continue to serve as a consultant to APRES through the 2022 Annual Meeting to ensure a smooth transition.

The APRES Board of Directors endorsed the recommendation, but is allowing APRES members the opportunity to ask questions and offer input. Comments are due by January 10, 2022, and should be sent to Jordan at

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