The U.S. Agency for International Development has issued a call for applicants to manage the new Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Food Safety (FSIL).

The new program, which must be administered by a U.S. college or universities, involves up to $30 million in funds.

In defining their technical approach, applicants will identify Research Areas of Inquiry that will guide the development, selection, and management of a focused portfolio of research.  It is the management entity’s responsibility to ensure that the research program aligns to the relevant themes within the GFSS or any new food security initiatives during the program’s period of performance. Ultimately, the portfolio of activities is expected to include both competitively awarded and commissioned research activities, including three to seven “Quick-Start” activities to be initiated within 60 days of the award start date.

The successful applicant’s Research Areas of Inquiry will substantially address the three technical themes, which illustrate USAID’s research interests in the area of food safety (with emphasis on the first two):

  • Improve human outcomes, through improved knowledge and practices related to how food safety systems achieve improved nutrition.
  • Reduce and mitigate risk: technologies, knowledge, and practices that reduce, manage, and mitigate increased food safety risks, strengthening and building a resilient food safety system
  • Advancing the Productivity Frontier:  food safety at the firm, farm and household levels: pro-poor technologies and practices that improve food safety and healthy diet

The successful applicant could propose well-justified additional or alternative areas of inquiry aligned with the intent of this NFO, or propose an alternative organization or framing of these concepts and approaches as appropriate to advance a creative, high-impact Technical Approach. Examples of research questions are intended to be illustrative, not prescriptive.

Applications are due by June 22.