The International Fertilizer Development Center will hold its seventh

Linking Farmers to Markets workshop in Accra from 15-19 May. The cost of the program is $1,650 until 17 April and $1,800 afterward.

 The successful training program has been conducted in both English and French in the past.

Who should attend?

  • Producer organizations and trade associations.
  • Government officials dealing with formulating and implementing agricultural and trade policies.
  • Service providers such as financial institutions, insurance companies, transporters, mobile phone services, ICT platform solutions, market information services, business development services, etc.
  • Agribusinesses dealing with farmers: processors, exporters and importers, agro-dealers, etc.
  • Representatives of national and international organizations involved in funding agricultural development and enterprise projects.

What happens at the workshop? Participants:

  • Discuss the theory behind the different principles and components of farmer-to-market linkages and draw on lessons and best practices of IFDC and partner organizations in Africa;
  • Show how to make theory successful in practice through well-selected case studies;
  • Improve capacities to analyze farmer-to-market linkages within the context of specific agricultural environments and their input and output markets;
  • Develop project(s) proposals which incorporate principles that allow for effective farmer-to-market linkages; and
  • Create a network to facilitate future exchanges, joint proposal development, mainstreaming of farmer linkages approaches and long-lasting, professional relationships.

Visit the event description page to learn more or directly to the registration page to sign-up.