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Species Fact Sheet
Carpophilus nepos Murray, 1864 dimidiatus complex*

Figure 1. Male dorsal and ventral habitus

Diagnosis: Carpophilus nepos is a member of the dimidiatus complex. There are currently no known external characters to reliably distinguish members of the dimidiatus complex from one another.

Biology: Adults of C. nepos can be found feeding on most fruits and vegetables, especially when they are overripe or rotting. Develops from egg to adult in 54 days at 24°C (Connell 1956). Adults described by Connell (1956) and partially illustrated by Connell (1977) and Ewing and Cline (2005). Larvae described and illustrated by Connell (1956).

Connell WA (1956) – adult and larvae description, larvae illustration
Connell WA (1977) – partial adult illustration
Ewing CP, Cline AR (2005) – partial adult illustration


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