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Species Fact Sheet
Carpophilus fumatus (Boheman, 1851) dimidiatus complex*

Figure 1. Male dorsal and ventral habitus

Diagnosis: Carpophilus fumatus is a member of the dimidiatus complex. There are currently no known external characters to reliably distinguish members of the dimidiatus complex from one another. However, C. fumatus male specimens bear a small toothlike projection on the metathoracic femur, on inner margin near the trochanter (Fig. 3) which when visible can distinguish it from other members of the complex.

Distribution: Carpophilus fumatus is thought to be native to Africa and has also been found the West Indies, South America, Italy, and in the state of Florida in the United States.

Biology: Adults of C. fumatus have been found feeding on fruits including apple, quince, peach, plum, and strawberry (Williams and de Salles 1986). Illustration of male femur in Connell (1977).

Connell WA (1977) – male femur illustration
Williams RN, de Salles LAB (1986) – hosts

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