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Species Fact Sheet
Caplothorax lugubris (Murray, 1864)

Figure 1. Male dorsal and ventral habitus

Diagnosis: Caplothorax lugubris specimens are distinguished from other eastern North American species by having a median longitudinal carina on their prosternal process (Fig. 3). Male specimens also have a pair of elongate oval depressions lateral and anterior to the supplementary segment on the 5th ventrite (Fig. 6). Female specimens also have grooves along the lateral margins of the pygidium (Fig. 7).

Distribution: Caplothorax lugubris is found in North America from Ontario to British Columbia, south through central America to Brazil. Widespread in the US.

Biology: C. lugubris, also known as the dusky sap beetle, feeds on a variety of overripe fruits and vegetables. It has historically been considered an important pest in corn (Connell 1956). More recently in North America it has been described as being a secondary pest, mostly feeding on ears damaged by other pests and only causing slight damage (Flanders et al. 2009). C. lugubris has also been collected from beehives which it may use as an overwintering site (Marini et al. 2013). It has several natural enemies including the minute pirate bug (Orius insidiosus), the wasp Brachyserphus abruptus, and a mermithid nematode (Dowd et al. 1995). Develops from egg to adult in 30 days at 24ºC (Connell 1956). Larvae illustrated and described by Connell (1956).

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