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Feng Kong published a review on plant development and defense

Feng Kong, a postdoc in our lab, published a review on plant development and defense (doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2023.1122947). We discuss that pathogen-induced changes in host development could be a target of pathogen virulence strategies or an active defense mechanism of plants.

Congratulations to Alan Peper!

Alan Peper (co-advised by Dr. Timothy Brenneman) has won the award for graduate student publication of the year (PHD level)!

His paper, published in Frontiers in Microbiomes (, sheds light on the functions of calcite dissolving bacteria in regulating soil calcium levels. This research has the potential to address soil calcium deficiency issues in peanut farmland.

Welcome Miranda

Miranda, an Integrated Plant Sciences student, is rotating in our lab on a plant regeneration project. Welcome!

Lanxi Hu won ASPB 2022 Three Minute Thesis award

Lanxi Hu was selected as one of the four finals to present her 3 minute thesis at the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) 2022¬†annual meeting in Portland. Lanxi won the People’s Choice prize.¬†Congratulations!

Thank you, Diya!

Diya, from Wheeler high school, graduated from the Young Scholar Program at UGA. She conducted research on the topic of plant regeneration in our lab. Diya was mentored by Stephanie Chen for this project.