Vector Physiology – Symbiosis – Entomology

August 2023: Liam Ash joins the lab as a Master’s degree student. Welcome Liam!

July 2023: Nia and former undergraduates Kyle Swade and Lena Allen published their paper on orphan peptide receptors and reproduction in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes!

May 2023: Tanisha Moons, a PhD student from Eva Novakova’s lab at the University of South Bohemia, came to visit the lab for the summer as part of her research on kissing bug symbionts

March 2023: The lab received an NSF CAREER Award to continue our work on kissing bugs and their symbionts!

January 2023: Carrissa’s first first-author paper from her PhD research was published in Molecular Ecology! Former undergraduate Ashley McCormick and former postdoc Vilas Patel also were contributing authors on this manuscript.