Vector Physiology – Symbiosis – Entomology


  • Congratulations to Dr. Keyes-Scott!

    Nia successfully defended her PhD on April 28th! Nia will be moving on to a career as an entomologist in the US Navy.

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  • Congratulations Ashley!

    Ashely successfully defended her Master’s thesis on April 14th! Ashely will be moving on to position as an officer in the US Army.

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  • Welcome Sandra!

    Dr. Sandra Mendiola joins the lab as an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biology. For her PhD, she studied squash bug symbionts in the lab of Nicole Gerardo at Emory University. We’re excited to have you in the lab!

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  • Congratulations, Carissa!

    PhD student Carissa Gilliland won 2nd place at the annual Entomology Society of America meeting in National Harbor, Maryland. Carissa presented her work on the interactions between kissing bugs and their gut symbionts. Way to go Carissa!

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  • Welcome!

    The Vogel lab studies the physiology of insect disease vectors, primarily mosquitoes. We’re exploring how microbes influence larval mosquito development and how peptide hormones regulate mosquito reproduction. Check out our research page for more information about what we’re up to, and the lab news page for the latest updates

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