Based on the multi-year field screens that were conducted in 2019-2021 in Tifton there are handful for commercially acceptable snap bean varieties with at least moderate-level of resistance to cucurbit leaf crumple disease. There were no varieties with high-level of resistance. Of those with moderate-level of resistance there were several from Harris Moran, Syngenta, Seminis and one from Pop Vriend seeds. While we have conducted field trials with some of these varieties for yield and quality, others have not been evaluated in traditional variety trial settings (yield and quality). Therefore, growers may want to only trial a section of their fields to determine if the bean is suitable for their market. In previous trials, Barron and HMX516 both were similar to Caprice (industry standard) in terms of yield. Barron is a darker green bean though and be aware in a season when many beans may become bleached due to whitefly feeding, a dark green variety may stand out. Sybaris and Tema from Seminis, both have performed statistically as well as Caprice in trials (for yield) and both have moderate-level of resistance to cucurbit leaf crumple disease. PV 857 from Pop Vriend seeds has done well in resistance trials, but has had slightly lower pack out yields than Caprice in trials we’ve done. ‘Momentum’ from Syngenta has yielded well (as good or better than Caprice) and also displays moderate resistance to the virus. ‘Prevail’ from Syngenta also displays moderate resistance, though we have not had the opportunity to trial that variety for yield. While none of these varieties are completely resistant to the viruses, the varieties listed above are much more tolerant than many others.

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