I assume most of you know by now that Torac is registered for a variety of insect pests on a variety of crops. Torac is a new mode of action for most insects (it is the same as some acaricides) and is relatively broad spectrum. There are a few specific areas where I think it can provide us some unique or much needed help. It does have good efficacy against thrips (nothing is great and Torac is not as strong as Radiant, but does have good activity). It has looked good against diamondback moth – it is not a quick knockdown product but in a test this spring you could pick out the Torac plots because of a lack of foliar damage. It is reported to have good activity on pepper weevil. We have not had a chance to look at this in Georgia, but Florida data looks good. It also has looked good against flea beetles in eggplant. Flea beetle control was more consistent when mixed with PBO (Exponent). PBO did not help with activity on diamondback moth, so potential benefit will vary with pest.

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