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Downy mildew confirmed at Echols Co.

Hi all:
Downy mildew has been confirmed from Echols Co. on cucumber. Please see the fungicide recommendations below.
Cucurbits other than watermelon: A weekly rotation of Orondis +Bravo; Ranman+Bravo; Previcur flex+Bravo
If Orondis was used as a soil application, please do not use it as foliar (use restriction according to label).
If Orondis was not used as a soil applicationfoliar application can be done for controlling downy mildew.
For more information please contact your local county extension agent.
Watermelon: Rotation (foliar application)  with Orondis+Bravo/Manzate; 
                                                                                               Previcur flex+Bravo/manzate
Please do not use bravo after fruit set