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Update on cucurbit downy mildew

Hi all:

I have been tracking cucurbit downy mildew outbreaks in Florida and the most recent outbreak was reported from the Citrus county FL. If the trend continues, we may expect Downy mildew within two weeks in south GA counties. Considering forecast of rain on Monday, I would recommend to start protecting our cucurbits especially cucumber, and squash with a recommended fungicide program.

Cucurbits other than watermelon: A weekly rotation of Orondis +Bravo; Ranman+Bravo; Previcur flex+Bravo
If Orondis was used as a soil application, please do not use it as foliar (use restriction according to label).
If Orondis was not used as a soil applicationfoliar application can be done for controlling downy mildew.
For more information please contact your local county extension agent.
Watermelon: Rotation (foliar application)  with Orondis+Bravo/Manzate; 
                                                                                               Previcur flex+Bravo/manzate
Please do not use bravo after fruit set