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EPA will NOT revoke chlorpyrifos food tolerances at this time (Dr. Stormy Sparks)

EPA announced that they will not revoke, and will in fact retain, all of the current food use tolerances for chlorpyrifos (Lorsban and multiple generic products). This does not mean the battle is over. The real challenge (in my opinion) to continued use of chlorpyrifos centers on “uncertainty surrounding the potential for chlorpyrifos to cause neurodevelopmental effects”.

“EPA has concluded that, despite several years of study, the science addressing neurodevelopmental effects remains unresolved and that further evaluation of the science during the remaining time for completion of registration review is warranted to achieve greater certainty as to whether the potential exists for adverse neurodevelopmental effects to occur from current human exposures to chlorpyrifos.”

Bottom-line, there is at least one study that suggests prenatal exposure MAY have an effect, but inadequate data to draw a firm conclusion (despite decades of use far in excess of today’s use patterns).

This is not the end of the battle. Those in opposition have 60 days to file challenges. Chlorpyrifos, and the potential neurodevelopmental effects will continue to be evaluated, with registration review scheduled for completion by October 1, 2022.

For now, I would anticipate having chlorpyrifos available for use through 2017, with future use up to the regulatory process and continued litigation.