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Potential Problems with Adjuvants and Whitefly Control (by Dr. Stormy Sparks)

Got a question today concerning mixing Coragen and Bravo with the Coragen targeting whiteflies.

I do know from research plots that Coragen needs to be mixed with a penetrating surfactant when targeting whiteflies. If targeting caterpillars (which eat the surface of the leaf) this is not needed, but whiteflies feed inside the leaf and the product needs to get inside the leaf. The potential problem with Bravo is that it includes a spreader/sticker in the formulation. I have seen this disrupt control of spider mites and leafminers with Agri-Mek, and the DuPont representative said that laboratory work has shown that a spreader/sticker will tie up Coragen and keep it from entering the leaf.

I would strongly suggest not using a sticker type surfactant with products that need to penetrate the leaf to control the target insect. It may not be a problem in all cases, but better safe than sorry.